So you want to know who Purple Palm Tree are?

Turns out Purple Palm Tree are more then just a group of musicians, they're a movement.
When it comes to being purple and a palm tree at the same time, you can expect a lot of LSD was involved, which is not the case for us.

Listen to our music and pass to 10 friends, or purple will turn pink!

Our completely unique style that nobody has ever heard before will knock your socks off and all the hipsters will immediately know what a mach 3 is. We make boutique beers seem like a joke!

Open note to hipsters: Buy a frikin razor you lazy bums! Also please listen to your playlist SUCH WOW.

Our Music Style

Have your ever had a dream that Ritchie Valens didn't die, expect got mutated with Buddy Holly where they had a love child together? Well, we are not that love child, we are better!

Our Clothing Style

We kicked off the hipster movement before it was cool back in 2006 with our torn off jeans, converse shoes and laziness to shave. We only wear Anvil t-shirts and hate people that don't come to our shows.

Our Overall Style

We are better than you, and we do not except people that think they are better than us. If you have a problem, then you can talk to our record producers that we paid good money to.

Just a few shout outs!

Our PR People

This is a shout out to us. We do all our own PR because we are better than you. We don't trust anyone with writing out press releases, which is why we're famous.

Our Promoters

All of our promotion is done by our friends Jamie and Louise, they are the best and without them we would only have 1,000,000 fans instead of 4,000,000.

Our Merchandise

Our merch is done by this t shirt printing company in Sydney because they have organic Anvil T-shirts, the only ones in Australia. Otherwise we would do it ourselves.

Our Fans

All 4,000,000 fans are made up of dancer ladies in the mining town of Australia. Yep, there are lots of hipster lady dancers out there and not enough miners.

Ready to hear our MUSIC?

No mind damage is our responsibility.